When we started looking for a martial art program for our son 4 years ago, we searched for a class that would emphasize focus and discipline. We found much more in the Heritage Taiji’s Kids Kung fu program. Master Troy excels in balancing the principles of Kung Fu for children including; discipline, self-respect, respect for others, focused training, and responsibility. Our experience with this class has been exceptional and now our daughter has joined as well. She seems to like it better than dance.
— Mark Notte
Our son started Kung Fu with Master Troy in February of this year. Since then we have witnessed a remarkable transformation. Our shy, introverted son has done a 360 in terms of personality, physical development and confidence. He no longer attempts to hide within the crowd, often stepping forward for new experiences or to help demonstrate movements to those just getting started. Master Troy has instilled in him and the others a desire to excel,set goals/meet expectations and accept responsibility (and consequences) for their words and deeds not only in Kung Fu, but at school and home as well. In addition, the children gain an understanding that challenges should be met with determination, problem solving, hard work and a little bit of pain or discomfort, even when immediate success is questionable. But most of all, Jarrett is having fun, asking how many days until the next session before he even walks out the door. Jarrett is in it for long haul and we could not ask for a better instructor than Master Troy to guide him along the way.
— Colleen Coyle & Dan Sullivan
After testing out several different martial arts classes, my children found Kung Fu for Kids to be the best. It was the most understandable and enjoyable class of all, and they did not have second thoughts about joining and loved it.
The class has promoted self-motivation, understanding of self-discipline and respect for self and others. In particular both of my boys have learned to work with high standards in their daily lives both at home and school and they now clearly understand what a goal is and how to achieve it.
As a parent we have learned Kung Fu as well, thru the observation of Master Troy teaching our children in class and the way he guides them in their Kung Fu journey. It has given us excellent tools for parenting.
— Ivonne and Jorge Parra




We have two kids attending Kung Fu for Kids. Our son has been taking Kung Fu since he was 4 years old. Initially, our goal was to have the reassurance that our son would be able to handle himself in different situations. I can, honestly, say we have met that goal. Now 11 years old, he’s been faced with circumstances in which he showed discipline and control.
As soon as our daughter turned 4 years old, she started taking Kung Fu as well. We had the same purpose, but the one big change we have seen in our daughter is her personality. Within a year our shy, timid, clingy little girl has now become confident, unafraid, and friendly towards both kids and adults.
Kung Fu with Master Troy educates our children’s body awareness, stances, concentration, agility, and strength. Master Troy uses the technique of teaching to keep his students motivated. He gets his students involved by coaching other students to perfect their skills. By doing this, each student practices not only their Kung Fu moves, but teaching others also gives them confidence. We are content with Master Troy’s teaching methods. Both our children look forward to attending his classes twice a week.
— Elmer and Leah Cruz