Heritage Tai Chi & Kung Fu

Heritage Tai Chi & Kung Fu was founded by Master Troy Walzak who directs all class curriculums and instruction.     His own martial arts career has encompassed both the martial and health aspects of Chinese Martial Arts and he is able to share his knowledge of both by offering classes in Kung Fu and Tai Chi for Health.   He chose the name 'Heritage' because the method he uses has been passed down through generations and has been found to be tried and true in obtaining results.

Master Troy

Master Troy’s love of martial arts began in high school in Naperville, IL.   Throughout his life he has sought out qualified teachers and Masters to enhance and broaden his expertise making martial arts both his passion and profession.

Along his martial arts journey,  he earned his Fifth Degree Black Belt, became a Certified Chinese Martial Arts Master and established his own studio in San Diego.   In 2005, he returned to the Naperville area and began teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu. His depth of knowledge, dedication and 35+ years of experience allow him to work with all levels of students who range in age from 4 to 92.  He is always looking for better ways to educate his students as well as continually expand his own abilities.

His goal is to bring a better balance to the lives of his students whether their emphasis is on learning the martial arts aspects of Kung Fu or the health benefits found in Tai Chi.  He views himself as a coach, guiding his students along a path of self-discovery as they pursue their own journey to a better balanced life.

Master Troy with Kung Fu for Kids, Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi Students

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