Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, and in China there are many groups of men and women who take a break from their busy lives to learn and practice Kung Fu in a relaxed social setting.   Learn traditional exercises and routines for personal enjoyment. A regular participant can acquire better balance, coordination and flexibility along with skill and knowledge in the usage and techniques of Kung Fu.  Everyone needs a hobby – make Kung Fu yours!

Adult kung fu class

50+  Senior Kung Fu is designed for an older adult looking for a fun way to improve balance, coordination and flexibility while learning traditional exercises and Chinese marital art routines and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.   Although self-defense may be discussed, the class is for personal enjoyment and is not intended to be competitive or aggressive.   Class content consists of exercises for balance, strength and flexibility such as kicks and punches and the learning of Routines (Forms) for co-ordination and memory.   Martial Art techniques and applications will be presented in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

18+ Adult Kung Fu  is divided into Level 1-Beginner and Level 2-Advanced.   The exercises and routines are similar to those found in the 50+ Kung Fu class but are more vigorous and faster paced.  Level 2 builds on the skills and techniques learned in Level 1 and the participant learns further refinements of the internal martial art of Kung Fu.  Participants need the approval of Master Troy to join Level 2.




Course Offerings

Adult Kung Fu  classes are offered through the Fox Valley Park District.  
50+ Kung Fu classes are offered through the Naperville Park District.


Class Times and Locations